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On-Line Farmers' Market

FARMER is great news for farmers, and even bigger news for consumers. Because FARMER is a place where the farmer and the end consumer meet. That’s what we call “Direct Farming”.

All the farms selling their produce direct to the end consumer appear on the FARMER map. Every farmer can place their farm on the map quickly, at no cost with and no commissions. Each farm on the map displays its produce, prices, opening hours and that’s it!

The consumer who wants to buy agricultural produce directly from the growers in their area, can find easily find them on the FARMER map.

We believe that strong agriculture is vital for society. If you think like us, then download the app and see for yourself.

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.Unique platform, for farmers' markets operators

FARMER lets every farmer display their produce on an exciting and advanced platform, and at no cost!

This is your opportunity to expose your farm to many new people, to many customers who are looking to buy fresh produce directly from the growers.

The power of the distribution chains has made it almost impossible for agriculture to be profitable – a fact that everyone knows. Only by supporting and promoting direct sales to the consumer can the farmer enjoy the profit margins he deserves for his work.

One of the unique possibilities offered by the app is to show temporary sales points. We realize that a farm can operate at a number of locations and even set up a stall at different Farmer-Markets. That’s why, at the press of button, you can open a temporary sales point that will be displayed on the map.

Future versions will support on-line orders and sales.

Why is FARMER good for agriculture?

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Farms that sell fresh produce, directly to the consumer, are something like a closely guarded secret. You can find them by the roadside signs, posts on Facebook or in conversations with friends. From today, all of these excellent farms have  one address! You can find them on FARMERS map, call them and get directions to them. FARMER also lets you search by the type of produce you want. Soon, we’ll add on-line shopping and deliveries.

Why FARMER is good for the customers

למה פארמאר טוב ללקוחות

How can you get your farm on the map? Nothing could be easier:


Open the “Register Farmer” side menu.


Now provide your farm’s details: name and address, produce for sale and opening days and hours. That’s it! Your farm is on the map.


We recommend uploading a nice picture of your farm as well – after all, customers like to see who they’re buying from.

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